Dedicated event experts with a proven record of success and safety.



As the main Contractors  for the planning and delivery of both the annual Scottish Game Fair  at Scone Palace and the Highland Field Sports Fair at Moy, Inverness, we are exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable in undertaking the organisation of any type of Country Fair, Agricultural Show, Equine event or indeed any similar outdoor event. 

We have a proven excellent track record  in terms of Contractors & Infrastructure procurement, site planning & management, provision of site staff, all aspects of site safety, engagement with trade stand holders & entertainment providers and we can also provide full event administration.

Event Licensing is a fundamental necessity and we have the required knowledge and experience to liaise with Local Authorities, the ‘Blue Light’ services and other Statutory Bodies to ensure that all the crucial legal requirements are in place for events. 

We can also assist with Traffic Management  & Car Parking which are key aspects of any public event and can prepare onsite and offsite Traffic Management Plans in liaison with the relevant Authorities.

Security at events is another aspect of event delivery which we have great experience of and we work with an excellent Security Company to plan and deliver this according to event requirements. 

We plan and organise so that you and your visitors can enjoy a great day out!



We know you have plenty to worry about for your big day so when it comes to organising the infrastructure and catering for an outdoor venue, just sit back and relax and let us do the hard work for you. 

We have great contacts who can provide top quality marquees, toilets, catering and everything in between. We do all the planning and liaison to ensure that everything works perfectly on the day. We will be delighted to discuss your needs and aspirations to make sure that your Wedding Day is a truly memorable and special occasion for all the right reasons!



The safety of everyone attending events is absolutely essential and we can develop and produce Incident and Contingency plans to address identified risks and potential emergency scenarios. To assist with this process we have developed and delivered a number of ‘Table Top’ exercises which have greatly assisted events with potential safety issues. Where incidents do occur on event sites, we have the capability to undertake initial investigations, to liaise with statutory agencies as may be required and produce written reports.

We can prepare and deliver Risk Assessments, prepare Safety Plans and provide briefings to Event Staff that will ensure as far as possible that incidents are prevented. 

We are conversant with the content of both the Purple and Green Event Guides and we ensure that events comply with the guidance and best practice which is set out in both of these Safety documents.