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Our Expertise and Safety


The efficient organisation and operation of any event is key to its success and we pride ourselves in being able to successfully deliver this.


Outdoor Events

We have an excellent track record  in terms of contractors and infrastructure procurement, site planning and management, provision of site staff, all aspects of site safety, engagement with trade stand holders and entertainment providers, we can also provide full event administration.

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We have great contacts who can provide top quality marquees, toilets, catering and everything in between. We do all the planning and liaison to ensure that everything works perfectly on the day - even the parking!

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We are conversant with the content of both the Purple and Green Event Guides and we ensure that events comply with the guidance and best practice which is set out in both of these Safety documents.  We also prepare and deliver Risk Assessments, prepare Safety Plans and provide briefings to event staff. 

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From private parties to outdoor events attended by the public -

Our proven excellence in terms of contractors & service procurement, site planning & management, provision of site staff, all aspects of site safety and incident planning, engagement with traders & entertainers and full event administration, will result in any type of event proceeding smoothly. 


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We are hugely proud of the work that we do and receiving comments like these prove our commitment, hard work and dedication to each and every event we are involed with.