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Wedding Planning Services

Let us be a part of your big day.

Strathmore Event Services know a thing or two about wedding planning. When you engage our services, we are with you every step of the way. We’ll listen to the vision you have in mind for your dream wedding and make it a reality. We have the ability to put you in touch with a wide range of professional, reliable and high-quality suppliers as well as set up the operational side of your venue and make things run smoothly on the day itself.

What we have to offer:

  • Venue sourcing services

  • Access to exclusive use venues

  • Marquee hire

  • Quality catering vendors

  • Ability to dress your venue to your bespoke theme

  • A wealth of health and safety experience

Nice to know:

  • We’ll take care of the set up and break down of your venue so you have more time to spend with friends and family on your big day.

  • We don’t charge corkage for marquee weddings.

  • Our team are always just a phone call or email away.

Our team offer a bespoke service to all our brides and grooms and therefore offer a flexible and personal service each and every time.​We are happy to provide a full wedding planning service or offer elements of this, depending on your requirements. From venue sourcing, catering recommendations, furniture and décor ordering and practical on the day set up of your wedding venue. We also specialise in exclusive use weddings and marquee and outdoor weddings.


Please do get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about our wedding planning services.

Perthshire Wedding

SES was engaged by a client to plan and provide the infrastructure, services and bar for 280 guests for a country house wedding in 2018. Marquees were required for a Drinks reception, Dining Area and a Nightclub and all had to be linked together and also fit into the available additional outside space, to ensure the event flowed smoothly for the guests. Space was at a premium for the location of all 3 Marquees and this required detailed planning not only in respect of them but for related electrical and lighting infrastructure, the provision of toilets and waste disposal, the provision of a Bar and a large kitchen area.

This required a number of site visits prior to the wedding, close engagement with the selected Contractors and a tight timeline to ensure that the entire necessary infrastructure was in place at exact locations at the correct time. SES supported this work by being on site during the ‘build’ and ensuring that the Plan was delivered as required by the client.

Likewise staffing was important for a wedding of this size, not only in terms of the correct numbers at specific times of the day and evening but also the skill set of staff. Resource planning is incredibly important and for this wedding as at other events delivered by SES, the client was delighted with the service delivered by our staff all of whom are managed and assisted by SES management.

Northumberland Wedding

This rural September wedding was a pleasure to be a part of. With just 7 months to pull it all together from engagement to wedding it was held over two days with the wedding on the Saturday and a lunch on the Sunday the event was held in a marquee on the clients Farm.

Following some initial discussions and research the key companies were appointed to provide: marquee, toilets, electrics, catering and furniture.

The first decision to make was where and how to place the marquee. The field was far from being a pristine flat surface but after discussions with the marquee company a location was agreed and what a stunning view it had over the Northumberland hills.

The build started on the Tuesday before the wedding there were a few hiccups along the way but we liaised with the marquee company and the family and everything was looking perfect by the Thursday evening so the decorating could commence! An English Bride and Scottish Groom called for white roses, purple thistles, lots of tartan, kilts and greenery!

Although it was a good summer it was decided that the toilets should be located within the marquee so guests didn’t have to go outside into the colder evening. We also advised putting in a few heaters which kept the chill off – although once everyone got dancing they soon had to be turned off!

There were twobands booked (one for ceilidh and one for dancing later). To avoid having transition time between the two we advised having a slightly larger stage so that both bands could have their kit set up and be ready to ‘Rock and Roll’! As the bands arrived during the wedding breakfast we met with them and showed them to the stage with all their kit to help them get set up and sound checked. Due to there being a ceilidh a large wooden dancefloor was required.

A small area of the field adjacent to the marquee was fenced off for car parking, with some careful management and guidance all cars were able to be parked in a small area and there was a ‘drop-off’ zone out the front of the marquee for taxi’s and minibuses.

Catering for large numbers in a field is never going to be easy but with careful planning it all went smoothly. The caterers had a nice kitchen area which we located on the back of the marquee so that it would not be seen by guests when they arrived. We installed a temporary water pipe so the kitchen and bar were able to have access to water without having to carry lots and lots of containers!

Through careful pre event planning everything on the day went without a hitch and the bride and groom and their families were able to enjoy a stress-free day with their guests.

SES were absolutely delighted to be a part of such a happy event and look forward to doing many more weddings in the future.

Things to think about when planning your big day:

Toilets, heating, flooring, car parking, kitchen, furniture, waste disposal, lighting, bar service, cloakroom, backups for electrics etc. – you just never know when something can go wrong! Clear up between events if over 2 days, marquee size, positioning and access.

Winter Wedding

An idyllic winter wedding with a dusting of snow and views you could look at for days!


Marquee location – the Bride’s ideal spot for the wedding was on the front lawn which unfortunately wasn’t quite big enough for the marquee before sloping off into the field next door. As soon as she showed us the spot we could see why she wanted it there – the views were magnificent, especially on a crisp winters day. So after a few site visits and discussions with the marquee provider we were able to offer a solution – by building up one end of the marquee. It’s amazing what the marquee company managed to achieve. 

Access to the marquee was also down quite a steep slope which couldn’t be avoided so a walkway was installed for guests. 

Weather – being in Scotland and in February this was just such a huge unknown! We had to be prepared for all eventualities! We arranged matting for the car park, had salt ready for the road and plenty of heating! This also meant we factored in a cloakroom area to the marquee in anticipation of guests coming fully dressed for the elements and needing to leave boots and coats. 


As it was February and the ceremony was quite late in the afternoon guests mostly arrived and left in the dark! We worked with a fabulous company to provide some magnificent lighting around the car park, house, marquee and gardens. It was a real wow factor (as well as adding a safety aspect of course!). 

SES provided a drinks service during the wedding breakfast and bar for the evening serving a range of cocktails chosen by the bride and groom. The whole day was such a great atmosphere and we just loved seeing all the happy guests laughing, chatting and dancing the night away. 

During the event SES were responsible for overseeing the car parking, table service, bar and clear up between events. As well as liaising with all contractors pre, during and post event. 

Venues we work with

Below are just some of the venues we work alongside to offer bespoke wedding services. If you are interested in finding out more, the team here at Strathmore Event Services are on hand to discuss further details about these venues and the services offered.

Falkland Estate

Located on the edge of a beautiful conservation village and set at the foot of the iconic Lomond Hills this diverse and inspiring venue is home to some spectacular landscapes and views.


Character filled heritage buildings, expansive outdoor areas and intimate woodland settings provide the perfect backdrop for those choosing this location for their wedding or event to create a truly unique and memorable experience.


Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle is a venue steeped in history, located in the heart of Angus.

Glamis Castle offers a myriad of options for your wedding including the Victorian Dining Room, 17th century Drawing Room and 16th century Chambers. The beautiful gardens and grounds also make the ideal landscape for photography. 


Strathmore Event Services have partnered with the venue to deliver event management services.

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