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About Strathmore Event Services

Founded in 2015 and based in Perthshire, Scotland, Strathmore Event Services offers bespoke event planning services for outdoor events, corporate events, teambuilding activities and wedding parties.

Our reputation for exceptional service has been built from a passion to deliver quality each and every time we host an event. What’s more, as we’re an independent company based in Perthshire, we can deliver great value too.

Our team are proud of the strong experience they hold in event logistics, sales and marketing, safety and security planning and event contingency planning.  In a practical sense, this means we feel very comfortable when dealing with event production, specifically site and venue planning and management, sourcing and engaging contractors, caterers and infrastructure, on-site supervision and security, event marketing and administration services. 

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Outdoor Events

Are you looking to organise an outdoor event that will get people flocking through the gates?  Whether it is a one-off event or annual offering, we have a professional team of experts on hand to offer either consultancy services or end-to-end operational management.

Our team have many years of experience in event planning and therefore offer professionalism, insight and knowledge, supplier contacts and many auxiliary services that are required to make your event run like clockwork.

We can comfortably manage both large and small events, with some of our past work drawing crowds of nearly 40,000 people. Whatever the scope of your requirements, we can offer affordable event planning services to assist with the delivery and reputation of your business.  

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Wedding Tent


We know you have plenty to worry about for your big day so when it comes to organising the infrastructure and catering for an outdoor venue, just sit back and relax and let us do the hard work for you. 

We have great contacts who can provide top quality marquees, toilets, catering and everything in between. We do all the planning and liaison to ensure that everything works perfectly on the day.


We will be delighted to discuss your needs and aspirations to make sure that your Wedding Day is a truly memorable and special occasion for all the right reasons!


Corporate Events 

​Are you looking to organise a corporate event that will tick all the boxes for your colleagues? Whether it is a one-off event, series of small meetings or an annual conference for your business, we have the experience to help you organise everything.

We know that you are looking for professionalism, efficiency and good value for money and therefore we can offer you a range of corporate services, from venue sourcing to supplier management. 

We are on hand to help you achieve your business objectives whilst also deliver an event on brand, on budget and on time. 

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The safety of everyone attending events is absolutely essential and we can develop and produce Incident and Contingency plans to address identified risks and potential emergency scenarios. To assist with this process we have developed and delivered a number of ‘Table Top’ exercises which have greatly assisted events with potential safety issues. Where incidents do occur on event sites, we have the capability to undertake initial investigations, to liaise with statutory agencies as may be required and produce written reports.

We can prepare and deliver Risk Assessments, prepare Safety Plans and provide briefings to Event Staff that will ensure as far as possible that incidents are prevented. 

We are conversant with the content of both the Purple and Green Event Guides and we ensure that events comply with the guidance and best practice which is set out in both of these Safety documents.  

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Marketing Services

Are you looking for marketing expertise to support your team in promoting your event? The team at Strathmore Event Services can assist in organising both strategic and day to day marketing services, that will be planned in line with supporting the target customer base and business goals.  

Proficient in brand development, project management, website maintenance and development, content collation, email marketing, public relations, media management and more. Let the team at Strathmore Event Services become an extension of your internal team to enable all round success.

Strathmore Event Services - November 202

Meet the Team

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Strathmore Event Services was formed back in 2014 when Ewen West, Kerry Stewart and Frazer Macdonald came together to offer an array of event management services.

Stathmore Event Services has grown over the years and has the capability to offer event management, consultancy and marketing services to clients.


Kerry Stewart


Specialises in: Event Management, Trader Sales, Ticketing, Weddings & Administration

Strathmore Event Services - November 202

Frazer Macdonald


Specialises in: Site Planning, Fire Safety, Event Contingency Planning and Traffic Management


Sarah Brown

Marketing Manager

Specialises in: Brand Development, Campaign Planning and Digital Marketing

Strathmore Event Services - November 202

Kirsty Shanks

Event Sales Manager

Specialises in: Venue Sourcing, Supplier Management and On-Site Delivery

Strathmore Event Services - November 202

Ewen West


Specialises in: Health and Safety Management, Event Licensing and Logistics

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