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Consultancy Services

The safety of everyone attending events is absolutely essential and the team here at Strathmore Event Services can work alongside your team to produce regulatory documentation which is required when hosting large-scale events, outdoor events and sporting events.


Health and Safety protocol can be complex and time-consuming to understand. Therefore, you can ask the team at Strathmore Event Services to review these aspects in relation to your event and develop and produce a wide range of plans based on risk assessment findings.

To assist with this process we have developed and delivered a number of ‘Table Top’ exercises which can greatly assist event teams in understanding potential safety issues that may arise over the course of a event. Where incidents do occur on event sites, Strathmore Event Services have the capability to undertake initial investigations, to liaise with statutory agencies and produce written reports.


What we have to offer:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Safety Plans

  • Contingency Plans

  • Good Practice Guides

  • Licencing Laws and Applications

  • Covid Officer

  • A wealth of health, safety and fire service experience

  • Event security and traffic management services


Nice to know:

  • We’ll take the time to understand your safety concerns and guide you through the planning and documentation required to meet statutory regulations.

  • Our team have past experience in both the Police Service and Fire Service and therefore understand both the practical and technical aspects of implementing safety protocol.

  • We will create a contingency plan for weather related challenges.

  • We regularly update our skills by completing a range of training courses.


So, whether you are looking for good practice advice about planning an outdoor event or require a professional to take the lead with health and safety aspects, Strathmore Event Services provides a consultancy service to educate your team and implement protocol in line with regulatory codes of practice.

Looking to find out more? Please contact our team of consultants who will be happy to discuss a flexible approach to working with you and your business team.

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