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A Behind the Scenes Look at our involvement with Moy Country Fair

When it comes to organising successful events, there is a lot more happening behind the scenes than meets the eye. At Strathmore Event Services, we take pride in our ability to plan and execute large-scale outdoor events including Moy Country Fair which takes place in Inverness-shire every August. In this blog, we'll take you through our involvement in the event management of the Moy Country Fair, where we act as the main Contractor working alongside the Committee.

Site Planning and Design

Frazer and Ewen from Strathmore Event Services are very experienced in site planning and design and believe that a well-thought-out site plan is the foundation of any successful event.

For the Moy Country Fair, our team visit the venue each year to review the site, thereafter update the Site Plan and to measure and plot designated areas for attractions, food vendors, exhibitors, and parking. We like to ensure a good flow of foot traffic throughout the site so visitors can be offered a positive experience and that Exhibitors are provided with the best locations from which to display and sell their Products.

Health and Safety

The safety of event attendees, staff, and participants is a top priority when organising large-scale events. Our team conduct a comprehensive health and safety audit to identify potential hazards and develop a robust safety plan for the wider team to follow. The Team also prepares and submits all of the required Legislation Safety and Event information to the Local Authority in order to ensure that a Public Entertainment Licence is issued for the event.

Contractor Management

In the run up to Moy Country Fair, we organise and manage a diverse range of Contractors, all of which need to be thoroughly briefed via regular communication and on-site support to ensure things run smoothly at the event itself. Contractors include Marquee Suppliers, Electrical and Plumbing Contactors, Waste Disposal, Fencing and Grass Cutting, Ticketing, Medical and Fire Safety amongst others.

Main Ring Itinerary Planning

The Main Ring is the heart of any Country Fair and our Team work closely with the Committee to plan and organise entertainment and activities that will be enjoyed by all ages and enthusiasts. This included scheduling equestrian and birds of prey displays, terrier racing and Savage Skills, the UK’S leading freestyle mountain bike stunt team. In addition, the Team are involved in arranging other activities outwith the Main Ring to ensure that visitors have a variety of additional entertainment to enjoy at the Event.


For the past two years, Strathmore Event Services have been responsible for marketing Moy Country Fair to both a local audience and those visiting the area. Our Marketing Manager, Sarah, worked with the event Committee to make the best use of the budget available whilst planning strategic and digitally-led initiatives to extend the reach of messaging to interested parties. Specific actions included implementing an online ticket sales platform, PR initiatives, targeted media adverts in newspapers and online, social media presence and advertising.

On-the-Day Attendance

Our work didn't end with the planning and coordination phase as Kerry, Frazer and Ewen from Strathmore Event Services had a strong on-site presence at Moy Country Fair.

Our Team were there to manage and oversee the setup and ensure that everything ran according to plan. This hands-on approach allowed us to provide solutions to any challenges that arose, to support the Committee in the successful delivery of the event and also learn about what could be improved in years to come.

If you're planning an outdoor event and need professional event management services, please do get in touch. We are happy to discuss the requirements of any type of public or private event and help ensure events are professionally planned and delivered.

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