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What it Takes to Pull Off The GWCT Scottish Game Fair

Strathmore Event Services Ltd (SES) is delighted to have played a pivotal role in the planning, preparation and delivery of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust Scottish Game Fair for the last 3 years.

This annual event attracts around 30,000 visitors  over a 3 day period in June/July and add this to the near 500 Traders, various Activity Providers, Main Ring and other events around the site, requires SES to deliver detailed Site planning, developing efficient working arrangements with numerous Contractors/Staff/Volunteers, providing a safe environment pre, during and post event for all on site and ensuring that overall, visitors to this iconic event thoroughly enjoy their visit to the Fair.

SES Planning for the event commences in September of the year prior to the event. The procurement and engagement of many Contractors is vitally important to ensure that all infrastructure is of the necessary quality and is delivered/constructed on site on time. This is coordinated by SES who also arrange for the Site Staff to be engaged and oversee their work throughout the build and breakdown of the event. A strict timeline has to be applied to this work to ensure the Site is fit for purpose for the event opening and despite various challenges ( usually weather related) this objective has always been achieved with many positive comments received on the presentational standard of the event.

SES also performs the role of Trade Space Manager and accordingly manages the Exhibitor online application process, oversee the exhibitor selection process and prepare the onsite Schematic Plans where Traders are to be positioned. Management of Traders during the event is also a role performed by SES as is the case in respect of all Activity Providers on site.

SES are responsible for the day to management of the whole event when it is ongoing which includes oversight of Traffic Management and Car parking, Trader and Visitor admission to the Fair, operating the event Public Information Stand, supervision of the Security Team and partnership working with the onsite Medical Team to ensure that all medical incidents are dealt with promptly and professionally. These together with all involved in Site Management are the responsibility of SES.

Safety is very much a key priority at the event and SES take the lead in ensuring that Health & Safety is to the highest standard possible. Our responsibility also includes working alongside the Local Authority Safety Advisory Group and providing them with reassurance that the event is to be operated safely and within the national Events Guidance. We also work with the ‘blue light’ services again to ensure public safety and we are also responsible for preparing the Event Incident and Contingency Planning.

The Scottish Game Fair is an outstanding event with many different attractions for its visitors to enjoy. SES plays an integral role in the delivery of this event providing a wide variety of event services and a key coordinating role  as part of the Event Management Team.

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