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Why Planning and Communication Are Your Best Tools when Planning Your Event

One of the most important aspects of planning any type of Outdoor event is detailed planning and discussion with the client. SES pride ourselves in that from the inception of an event, we have regular discussions with clients not only about the most significant and obvious parts of an event but the detail which is every bit as important.

Each client always has specific requests for their event and it is important to SES to engage with clients, understand their aspirations and then prepare and deliver plans and costings for agreement/refinement.

Timescales are vitally important to successful event planning and these are prepared by SES, not only for the planning stage of an event but during the delivery and breakdown of the event also.

The key to all of this working operationally at an event is good clear communication between SES and clients so that everyone is clear on what has been agreed and what changes (if any) are subsequently made. SES is always available for dialogue with clients so that they have the assurance that their event ‘will be what they want it to be’.

Clearly costs are very important to our clients and SES has excellent contacts with many different Contractors and thus is able to obtain very competitive prices for our clients with exceptional standards of service and delivery. SES undertakes all of this liaison work with Contractors on behalf of clients and where any statutory licensing requirements are essential SES will engage with the statutory authorities to gain the necessary permissions.

Whatever type of event is being planned, be assured that SES will always engage in detail to deliver high quality standards of service delivery and the Testimonials from clients would support what is a key and vital objective for SES.

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