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Pre-Event Planning - from Site to Stakeholders

2019 will be the third consecutive year that Strathmore Event Services Ltd (SES) has been contracted to deliver the planning, delivery and management of the Highland Field Sports Fair (HFSF) based at Moy, near to Inverness. 

This two day event attracts an annual attendance of between 7,000 and 10,000 visitors and offers a wide variety of Field Sports, visitor activities, a programme of Main Ring Events and numerous Trade Stands offering a great selection of products. To ensure a great visitor experience, there are also various food offerings available as well as a Licensed Bar area.

To ensure all of this is delivered to the high standard required by the Event Committee, means that SES‘s planning of the event begins several months in advance and involves detailed discussions with the Committee, Traders, Activity Providers and those providing other Visitor services on site.

In terms of the Site itself, much work goes on to ensure that the ground is in a fit and proper state for the event and SES oversees any remedial/improvement wok that may have to take place. It is also a function of SES to engage and subsequently supervise the work of Contractors who provide the various aspects of infrastructure including Marquees, Electrical provision, Toilets, Fencing, Waste disposal and Wi-Fi amongst others. 

During the event itself, SES has responsibility for ensuring that the Traffic Management and Car Parking Plans operate efficiently and that the Security Plan is delivered to ensure the safety of all who are on site at the event.

Safety is a priority at this and other events that SES are involved with and for the HFSF, SES have significant liaison with Highland Council to ensure that a Public Entertainment license is granted for the event and that the requirements of this license are adhered to pre and during the event. This regulatory safety requirement is supported by the provision by SES of  Incident and Contingency Planning and SES brief the Committee on their responsibilities in this regard.

From a SES perspective, the delivery of this event demands a very significant level of pre event planning, discussions and work to ensure that all of the above is fit for purpose and that the event runs smoothly and safely over its 2 days. Our onsite management is very much ‘hands-on’ dealing with any issues as they may arise and offering the Event Committee support and reassurance for what is a tremendously enjoyable event for visitors.

SES is very grateful to the HFSF for engaging us to deliver their event for them and we look forward to developing and enhancing the HFSF in forthcoming years to further increase interest in the event and create an even greater visitor experience.

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