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We're Covid Aware

Company Director, Ewen West, has recently completed a Covid-19 accreditation through the Sportscotland Industry body.

Ewen’s role of Vice Chairman and Club Safety Officer at Arbroath Football Club has put him in good steading to take on the additional role of Covid-19 Officer, that encompasses a myriad of responsibilities including:

  1. Being the main point of contact for the Club on all things related to Coronavirus.

  2. Overseeing public health and safety measures across the Club.

  3. Ensuring documented risk assessments and all appropriate mitigations are put in place before any activity is undertaken.

  4. Ensuring that an accurate record of all attendees is taken in line with the Scottish Government Test & Protect protocol.

In reality, this means that Ewen has researched Government guidelines whilst assessing them in the practical setting of the Club. Risk assessments have been put in place to allow practical activity to commence, such as the players return to training and the return of competitive football matches in Phase 4 of the Covid-19 route map to recovery. Covid-19 Planning for Large Events Strathmore Event Services have worked for many years on the operational implementation and promotion of large scale events.

Ewen’s recent Covid-19 accreditation brings a wealth of knowledge about the virus protocol and event management that can be easily transferred to all types of events, including outdoor events and large-scale operations.

The team experience combined with agile thinking and training, allows Strathmore Event Services to overcome operational challenges and give confidence to visitors, communities and businesses involved. Case Study – The Scottish Game Fair The Scottish Game Fair, held at Scone Palace in Perthshire, is a popular outdoor event that attracts over 30,000 attendees each year.

Although this event has had to be cancelled this year, Ewen led the Scottish Game Fair Committee in preparing a dynamic Covid-19 plan that evolved as information and guidance was communicated from the Scottish Government. Risk Assessments, access control, signage, protective equipment and messaging recommendations were all highlighted within this Covid-19 plan. Covid Consultancy So, if you and you are hosting a large-scale event, outdoor event or sporting event and require a trusted supplier to assist you with implementing Covid-19 good practice, please get in touch with the Strathmore Event Services team today. Our focus will always be on reassuring and informing staff, traders and visitors about event protocol and safety to assist with the success of your outdoor event, in these strange times.

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